Inner Speckle

I'm okay, but I haven't always been.

Mental illness has plagued my family for generations and I’ve lived my life trying to outrun my emotions. I’m always fearing that my feelings and thoughts will catch up to me if I stand still for too long. Up until this point, I wouldn’t have ever used the words “depressed” to describe how I felt, for fear that I was becoming another victim of The Black Dog. 
by Rosa & Andrew Wilford on September 06, 2020


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June 02, 2020


Crockd has been made with love from a bunch of naive millennials. We started out just as a couple who felt burnt out - looking for ways to get out of our heads and into out hands. We quickly grew into a community of like-minded people who wanted to help our peers express themselves and connect other on a deeper level. And thus, Crockd was born.

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