The Acrockalypse

We did a thing.

Introducing... “The Acrockalypse”. A good but, bad, but good memento of the craziest time in all of our lives.

Why? Because we miss precedented times.

Covid-19, or Coronavirus if you’re feeling flirty, has seen our world deal with a truly unprecedented crisis. To put it briefly - we’ve seen whole cities shut down, borders closed, streets eerie with emptiness, sudden mass unemployment and overloaded health systems, all on a global-scale. Not to mention our national and global economies have totally Crockd it. 

As the virus spread, we were all glued to our TV’s watching that curve creep higher and higher - the reality creeping closer and closer to home. This was real.

We began to see the words ‘pandemic’, ‘global emergency’ splattered everywhere. Now it’s time to be scared. 

Should I be scared of losing my job? Will my company survive? Can I pay my mortgage? What about our retirement? 

So many of these fears ended up being tragic realities for millions of people. 

But the ugly side of fear came out too. It was mind-baffling. Like another strain or symptom of the virus was discovered - stupidity. 

And it was contagious AF. 

Panic buying became a REAL thing. 

Shelves were emptied of necessities, hoarded in troves. 

Those less fortunate were being left out - humanity had been replaced by greed. P.s, we’d still like to know exactly WHO decided that toilet paper was the answer to surviving the pandemic. It had to have started somewhere? 

UGH. We’re exhausted just from this short summary! 

It wasn’t all bad, though was it? There was something heart warming about this insane collective experience that every human being shared during this time. 

In a world where we have been forced to isolate, we’ve actually ended up coming together. 

We’re really all the same. 

Regardless of age, gender, career or even country, we have all been affected in some capacity. And when we share an experience, it actually supports our sense of belonging, our strength and most importantly, our resolve to recover. 

Shared experiences is one of our core values here at Crockd. We seriously believe in bringing people together, to talk about things that really matter to us, or which SHOULD matter to us… while of course getting dirty AF.

We WANT people to acknowledge tough moments and the pain that accompanies them. But taking life too seriously is exhausting, and so we want to encourage people to laugh at themselves too… because even the darkest moments of our lives can sometimes be kinda funny too... 

And in this particular moment in time - we want you to laugh with us at all the COVID things that blew our little pea brains.. The Acrockalypse (aka our limited edition craft mat) intends to capture moments of ludicrosity that have popped up and made us laugh and of course, create memes.   

It’s an experience none of us will forget. 

We will all have our own stories, but there will likely be someone who had a very similar experience. And doesn’t that just make you feel a little less alone? 

And it’s not all tragedy - we already have a collective anecdote that we share - the aforementioned bog roll shortage of 2020. Can’t wait to tell our little Crockers that we once considered using newspapers to wipe our asses (just us?! Awks). 

So what the heck is this Acrockalypse? It’s our way of poking fun at what has happened over these past few months. 

No good global crisis goes by without a conspiracy theory of two. Notice the 5G towers scattered over the map. In the Southern Hemisphere, you can see stranded cruise ships (Ruby Princess may just be the MVP of Covid). 

You see New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern giving a royal wave through her Facebook live sessions, knowing full well she’s slaying the game. And naturally, FAKE NEWS strikes. Look at the dolphins in Venice canals! Putin supposedly released wild animals to keep citizens indoors. So much fake news. And that’s Putin it lightly. 

But we digress. Lemons have naturally been turned into lemonade. Or rather, gin has been turned into sanitizer. The more you look, the more you find. 

COVID 19 will always remind us that community will prevail, and fear and anxiety can not survive in the face of a good old laugh.

We’re turning the Acrockalypse into a craft mat for all your pottery and crafternoon needs. So your hands get dirty but your furniture doesn’t.

Limited Stock Available.


Blog Author- Keely Willis

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