So you want to get your creation fired, huh?

Well, you've come to the right place. We've detailed every single thing you need to know.... below 🎉

  • 📦 Step 1 - Grab a Crockd Kit

    Head over 👉 here, pop an order in, create something amazing (or semi amazing) and then prepare to bake the sh*t out of it.

    Can't be bothered, just want dried flowers or something cute? We get it, that's why we created our Crockd Paint Kits.

  • 👀 Step 2 - Find a Kiln

    We want to make your life easier. That's why we created this Kiln map. Note - The price of your Crockd kit does not include firing (it's usually between $10-$25). Still a bit too hard? No worries, grab our specially designed Paint Kit for Airy Dry pieces instead 👉 here.

  • 🔥 Step 3 - Get it Fired

    And no, before you ask, you can't just do this in your oven at home. This thing is like ridiculously hot. It's also a bit of a process... 1 = Bake. 2= Glaze. 3 = Bake again. Don't worry, the kiln master should take care of all this for you.