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Crockmas Pottery Kit

Don't let your drunk Aunt be the only one to Crock up Christmas.

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Is Christmas still on?

Who knows with 2020.

2020 has been the year of nightmares. When we started Crockd we did it because we thought the world was going a lil' mad. We felt that everyone needed to take 5 mins and get deep n' dirty with each other... then 2020 happened.

Srsly tho. Crockd isn't just another craft kit. It's art therapy in a box! Specifically designed to bring you closer to the ones you love.

Clay Breakers

Conversation Cards to Make you laugh and cry.

With busy hands your mind naturally enters a more reflective state of mind. We want to take this a step further and stimulate some deeeeeep conversations. These special edition Clay Breakers will have you reflecting on 2020. Sharing the highs, the lows and everything in between.

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Crockd is on a mission to 'craft' as many conversations as we can this year. Loneliness is on the rise and our mental wellbeing is suffering. We genuinely believe that conversations can save a life, and we want to help you have these conversations while keeping it light n' dirty. Give a gift with a purpose this year why don't ya!

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