the fundamentals of hand building clay

Some helpful handy tecnhiques that will make you feel like a pro at pottery!

Get rid of cracks

Cracks are a total buzz killer. There’s a couple of ways to smooth out cracks. One is to use a damp sponge to gently smooth over. The other is to lightly tap and add pressure with your hand. Imagine you’re burping your clay baby!

Adding bits & bobs

Scoring refers to a technique that creates a grip for your clay parts. Use a sharp tool to scratch the joining surfaces of Do the same on the part that you're going to add (eg, the end of a handle and where its going to go).

make it strong

Once you’ve scored your edges, the next step is to add a drop of water to create a ‘glue’ like join. Enforce this join by creating a long sausage coil that wraps around the connection point. Smooth and blend the coil evenly.

Let it dry

You have the option of either firing and glazing it at your local kiln, or leaving it to Air Dry! It must be fired twice. Once before glazing and once after!

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