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If you wanna add bits and bobs to your creations then you'll need to 'score' your clay.

Basically that means use a sharp tool to scratch & score in the place where you'll be adding to. Do the same on the part that you're going to add (eg, the end of a handle).

Painting & Glazing

Painting & Coating for Air Dry Clay You can use any old acrylic paint that you might have lying around. Let your creations dry for 24 hours, then paint with a white base, then add colour on top.

Option to coat your work using and Air Dry Clay sealant.

Glazing & Firing for Ceramic Clay

We bet you can't wait to use your creations! In order to make your pieces food safe and waterproof they need to go through a firing & glazing process. Take them to your local kiln! It usually costs about $10-$25 to fire and glaze four small pieces.

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