FAQ's Expanded

Getting Crockd up is easy az - we promise!
But if you're a clay virgin then you're gonna have some questions...

Can I fire the clay at home?

Unfortunately not, you can't. . 

Clay that is to be used for holding food or liquid needs to be fired at over 1,000 degrees. 

We will literally give someone $1 million when they figure out how to fire earth clay in their home ovens tho so...


What are the firing instructions?

Just let your local kiln know that you're using Mid fire 33 and they will know what temp to fire it at (usually cone 6!)


How long can I leave my creations before firing them?

For like EVER. Seriously.

You can leave them on your shelves for years. Just brush the dust off before you fire them!

You must leave them for at least 10 days to dry before you take them to a kiln though. Especially if they're quite thick!


How long does shipping take?

Our free shipping option usually only takes a couple of days. However, at the moment we're experiencing a high volume of orders so it can take up to 2 weeks!


Where is my closest kiln?

We are ALWAYS looking to find more Kilns, we've been compiling a list here.

However, always be sure to call or email them first before dropping in.


How do I make it white and speckled?

Our clay has a natural fleck - which means when you fire it, no matter what colour you glaze it, little speckles will come through.


Where do I choose the colour?

Your Kiln homies will help you choose your glaze of glory.


Can I eat it?

What the heck! No.


Can I come over soon?



Do you like small chickens wearing Mexican hats?

I mean, the thought doesn't offend me.


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