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Crockd Paint Kit

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Level up your pottery and air dry your clay with our Acrylic Paint Kit.

This kit comes with:

  • 10 x premium acrylic paints including:
    • 6 x premium acrylic paints
    • 2 x white acrylic paints
    • 1 x black acrylic paint
    • 1 x paint sealant 
  • 2 x premium artist quality flat edge brushes

Do I still need to take my pottery to a kiln?

Nope! This enables you to experience pottery completely from home, no kiln required. Paint, decorate and seal your creations all in one sitting.

Will this make my pottery waterproof? 

No, it won't. It will be water 'resistant' but not waterproof or food safe. If you wish to make something that needs to hold water, we don't recommend purchasing this product. Any item with acrylic paint can not go into a kiln. 

  • Eco Friendly

  • High Quality

  • Fast Shipping

  • Re-Usable Packaging

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