Black Friday Offer - Extra Clay Packet With Every Xmas Kit (Limited stock!)
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit
Christmas DIY Pottery Kit

Christmas DIY Pottery Kit


    Limited Edition

    PRE ORDERS - Order before the 11th Of December for Christmas Cut Off

    Limited Stock Available 

    Our Christmas Version of our Original Crockd Kit! The Original Crockd kit that comes with your choice of clay (Ceramic Clay or Air Dry). In this Crockd kit, you'll get everything you need to make enough for 2 keep cups each (or whatever else you want)!

    • Clay for one-two people
    • Carving tools
    • Clay breakers (like ice breakers, but way cooler)
    • Instructions

    Choosing Your Clay

    Ceramic Clay

    If you want the true experience of pottery then we recommend choosing Ceramic Clay. Not only is the clay super high quality and easy to work with, you'll end up with creations that are functional and last a life time.

    This clay has a natural iron fleck, which means that once glazed and fired the natural speckles will come through.

    Air Dry

    Air Dry clay allows you to make anything decorative! It's great because you don't need to fire your creations in a kiln, but it does mean that they can't be used for food, drink, or plants.

    Clay Breakers

    These kits come with a limited edition set of Clay Breakers for Christmas!

    The Christmas edition clay breakers are designed to spark interesting, uncomfortable and inspiring conversations while your hands are busy. 

    The Clay Breakers are probably the most important part of the kit. The world is getting crazier every day and our mental health is suffering. Talk to your mates and find out how each other is doing, and what makes each other tick.

    Carving Tools

    We reckon you're probably going to end up using your hands for most of this exercise. It's way more fun to get your hands dirty, but if you're a perfectionist that has absolutely no time for lumps and bumps, then you'll probs use a few of the tools.

    Be warned though... using the tools is kinda what we imagine it's like to cut hair for the first time... it's a slippery slope!

    It's so satisfying to slice and dice our delicious clay that you'll probably lose all self control and sabotage your masterpiece.... but yolo.


    Crockd kits come with hand illustrated instructions that take you through the process of hand building clay step by step. We promise, it's so easy to learn this stuff!

    Firing & Kilns

    Firing your clay is a thing, and you'll have to do it in a big bad ass oven if you want your creations to be useable. 

    We know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.

    You can not fire your clay in your home oven. Unless you have an oven that gets to 1,000 Degrees/1,800 Fahrenheit, you'll have to take it to a kiln. 

    We are slowly but surely building a list of kilns around the World. You can check out our list here.

    If your town isn't included on the list, let us know so we can find more kilns for you. 

    How much does it cost to fire & glaze my work?

    If you end up making something that you want to treasure forever then you have the option of taking it to a local studio to waterproof & seal your work.

    Consider Crockd the Cupid of clay studios and clay-makers - We want you guys to get connected without us taking any kind of commission on this. 

    This means that every kiln sets their own prices. You can expect to pay roughly $10-$25 for the firing & glazing of four small creations.

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