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  • Spicy Convo Cards (Mama Edition) - Crockd
  • Conversation Cards For You & Mama - Crockd
  • Conversation Cards For You & Mama - Crockd
  • Spicy Convo Cards (Mama Edition) - Crockd
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Spicy Convo Cards (Mama Edition)

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These Spicy Conversation Cards are designed to level up your crafternoons.

And look, we don't use the term 'spicy' lightly. These cards cover a broad spectrum of topics. Including topics on intimacy, love, mental health and relationships. 

But don't stress! We've included a 'chilli' meter so you can choose your level of (dis)comfort. 🌶🌶🌶

BYO Mama, pick a card and take turns answering. 

What's included?

30 questions cards designed for a two-way conversation with you and your mama.


How controversial are these questions?

Look, we never wanna censor your conversations. So we have carefully curated a broad selection of questions.

Some are simple, some are layered, and some include topics such as s3x. #awkward.

Use the chilli metre as your guide!

When and how do I use these?

Obvs we think it's best to whip these out when you're crafting with Crockd... but they really can be the perfect edition to a dinner date, cocktail night and any other family get togethers.

Craft the conversation with mum

Pair these Spicy 'Hey Mama' cards with your next crafternoon.

Crockd has been 'crafting the conversation' for yonks now, and we're finally levelling up our convo game. These cards are designed for a two way conversation with you and your mama. Use the spice metre to determine your level of heat! 🔥