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Mess Mat

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Our mess mats are the perfect companion to your crafternoons.

Our mess mats are the perfect companion to your crafternoons. Made of the best quality silicone, these bad boys are easy to clean and do a top-notch job of protecting your table.

Crockd Mess Mats come in their very own eco-friendly tube to make for easy storage.

What is The Acrockalyspe?

 “The Acrockalypse”. A good but, bad, but good memento of the craziest time in all of our lives.

In a world where we have been forced to isolate, we’ve actually ended up coming together. 

We’re really all the same. 

Regardless of age, gender, career, or even country, we have all been affected in some capacity. And when we share an experience, it actually supports our sense of belonging, our strength and most importantly, our resolve to recover. 

Shared experiences is one of our core values here at Crockd. We seriously believe in bringing people together, to talk about things that really matter to us, or which SHOULD matter to us… while of course getting dirty AF.

Every time you look closely at the Mess Mat, you'll find something new...


Mess Mat Silicone place mat crockd
mess mat silicone craft mat by crockd
  • Eco Friendly

  • High Quality

  • Fast Shipping

  • Re-Usable Packaging

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Our Mission...

Our generation is living through an age of mental illness. 1 in 5 of us are struggling, and the constant reliance on tech isn't helping.

That's why we're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands.