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Rough Specks (2 x clay bags)

Rough Specks (2 x clay bags)

$30.00 USD

    Rough Specks - now she's a Claydy we'd like you to meet.

    She's confident, strong and full of groggy body and she's just dying to have your hands all over her.

    Now, don't be intimidated by her name, she's actually the best to work with. Her strength makes her forgiving, non-judgemental and easy to mould. 

    If we had a favourite Clay - she might just be it! 

    She's great for building bigger pieces are structures. Think vases, sculptures, whatever you imagine!


    • Firing Temp: Cone 6, Mid Fire (aka, everyone will fire him!)
    • Glaze: Any mid fire glaze - She'll have a natural sandy speckle that will shine through.
    • Amount: 2 bags (aka, make at least 4 vessels)