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Workshop: Make a Ceramic Mug (Pottery Kit)

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Get your team out of their heads and into their hands in this 90-minute team-building session. More than just a workshop, this Crockd session is all about interactive conversations. Expect to laugh, get your hands dirty and learn more about each other with 90 minutes of creative mindfulness. 

✔️ 90 Minutes
✔️ Individual team pottery kits
✔️ Great for group engagement
✔️ Educational / Entertaining

What's included?

These virtual workshops run for 60-90 minutes. Your workshop is a fixed fee regardless of how many people end up joining!


👇 Can you do break out rooms?

Yes, 100%! We usually recommend breakout rooms for groups of 50+.

👇 Can we use our preferred hosting platform?

Yup! Our default is Google Meets, but we can certainly use Zoom, Teams, Go to Meeting, CISCO or any other platform.

👇 Will the host prompt conversation?

Your Crockd host will run your event exactly to your preference. Your event organizer will work you with on ensuring the host fits seamlessly into your team culture.

👇 Can we use Crockd to host for materials we've sourced elsewhere?

We like the way you think! But sadly, no. Our team survives of the sale of our craft kits. Besides, they're the best in the world!

  • Culturally Aware

  • 9+ NPS Score

  • Interactive

  • Locally Based

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