stock some crock!

We've partnered with Faire to make it simple and cost effective for you to place a wholesale order with Crockd.

Why Faire?

Simplifying the wholesale buying process.

1. Simple Buying Experience

Faire makes wholesale buying the way it should be - straightforward and hassle free.


2. Free Delivery for a Year

First time buyers with Faire benefit from a year of free delivery ensuring you get the most margin from your Crockd Stock.


3. $100 off your first order!

As an added thank you for buying through Faire, enjoy $100 off your first order!


4. Flexible Payment Terms

Net 60 day terms, generate revenue before you even pay for the stock!


5. Free Returns on Your First Order

If for any reason you'd like to return your wholesale order, Faire will organise this for you free of charge.