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Pastel Paints Set, Sealant & Brushes (12 Pack)

Pastel Paints Set, Sealant & Brushes (12 Pack)

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As seen on our viral YouTube and TikTok videos - the much loved, highly pigmented, smooth and non-toxic Crockd acrylic pastel paint kit! 

✔️ 10 Toxic Free & Quick Drying Pastel Paints & Sealant Tubes 
✔️ 3 Premium Artist Quality Brushes (small, medium & large)

Perfect for beginner painters all the way to artists. Leave the mixing to others, and bring some vibrant colour into your life with these muted pastel tones. 

Pair with our Acrylic Paint Set (Basic Edition)Paint Pens and Mess Mat for the perfect crafternoon you’ll be proud to show off on your socials! 

Smooth & High Pigmented Pastel Paints

These pastel paints go on so smooth for any surface your paint brush will feel like it’s not doing anything at all!

From pottery, to planters, to wood, and even glass. Everything you can see and touch can achieve a serious pastel glow-up.

Our paint set features highly pigmented colours that are pre-mixed and ready to use to take the work out of colour mixing and finding the perfect pallet for your creations.

You’ve also got access to two white paint paint tubes to lighten the pastel for a harmonious or ‘Analogous’ colour scheme - colours that naturally flow from one to another creating a harmony or rhythm of colour.

Inside Our Acrylic Pastel Paint Kit

This acrylic pastel paint kit comes with:

✔️ 7x Coloured acrylic pastel paint tubes
✔️ 2x White acrylic paint tubes
✔️ 1x Clear sealant tube
✔️ 3x Quality flat edge brushes (small, medium & large)

The kit itself comes with easy to pack tube inserts inside the box and is compact enough to carry and travel with in case you’re ready to throw some paint outside the house.

Paint on Mirrors, Ceramics & More

👇 What’s the difference between the basic and pastel paint kit?
Amazing question! Our pastel paint kit is what we’d call pre-mixed paint - meaning we’ve created beautiful colours outside of the primary colour wheel (blue, yellow, red) that you find in the paints basic kit. This removes the need to colour mix and use all your white paint tubes to match our pastel colours.

We highly recommend getting both paint kits to explore your creativity, but if you want something that just looks good without the challenge - opt for these acrylic pastel paints. 

👇 Will this make my pottery waterproof?
The short answer is no - it won't. Our sealants included in this paint kit will make your creations water resistant, but not completely waterproof or food safe.

Looking to make something that holds water, such as a flower vase? We recommend getting your piece fired at a local kiln. Otherwise - just air-dry and choose dried flowers instead!

👇 Can I use these on other mediums?
Indeedily doodily you can! These paints are highly pigmented, professional grade paint. In other words - they’re epic for painting pottery, painting planters, painting mirrors, painting furniture, literally anything. You think it, these can paint it.

👇 Do I still need to take my pottery to a kiln?
Nope! This acrylic paint kit enables you to experience decorating air dry pottery completely from home, no kiln required. Just let your clay creations air dry for the recommended time and then paint, decorate, and seal your creations to your heart's content - all in one sitting.

Be mindful that if you do want to fire & glaze clay creations they need to be completely free of paint and dried for the recommended time before they go into a kiln. 

👇 What’s the size of the paint tubes?
The acrylic paint tubes and sealant tube inside the kit are 22ml each. This is a generous size that will allow you to decorate multiple ceramic creations or both pots inside our Paint n’ Pot kits. Plus you get 3 brushes - how good!

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Zero Single-Use Plastic

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Peek Inside Your Pastel Paint Kit 👇

Not sure if these pastel paints tickle your pickle? Unbox the pastel paint kit with us below and see a full demonstration on air-dried ceramics.

Pastel Paint That’s Thick & Fast Drying

You don't suck at painting - your paints just suck. The difference that you’ll find with our Crockd pastel paint set is that it comes with 9 of the thickest, smoothest and creamiest paints in the world.

You’ll feel like you’re painting better than Frida with paint this good, plus with 22ml per tube you’ve got plenty to decorate multiple creations. 

Oh and if we didn’t mention it enough already these pastel paints are fast drying, so primer and base layers for creations are a total breeze - layer it up friend!

Paint Brushes That Artist Dream of

Included inside your set are three different sized high quality flat head nylon paint brushes - what a mouthful!

Any painter would have these inside a full brush kit you’d normally pay for on top of paints, but we’ve included them inside this kit to give you an all-in-one painting experience.

Easily apply large amounts of paint using the larger paint brushes or finishing touches and finer details with the smaller paint brush.

Decorate and Seal Anything

Last but not least, you have the ability to decorate any and all creations - Mirrors, pottery, furniture, planters, walls and more (we dare you).

Use the multi-purpose sealant to finalise your creations, making them weather resistant and protected against the elements.

Checkout some more designs below with the paint pens combo and get your pastel paint set today.

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