Team pottery kits

Get your team out of their heads and into their hands!
Choose from team pottery kits, paint kits and more.

How it works

We've create DIY craft kits that are designed to bring people closer to each other. Our kits are beautifully packaged, inclusive, simple and fun.

  • 1) Choose Your Craft

    Get your hands dirty with our DIY pottery kits, or paint yourself a dope planter with our Paint n' Pot kit. Or, get both!

  • 2) DIY or have it hosted!

    Our kits are DIY in nature but you can opt in to have our dedicated, 5-star Crockd host lead your session.

  • 3) Sit back and RELAAAAX

    Seriously. Once we know the details for your event, the rest is up to us.

Meet the kits

Team pottery kits

There's more than meets the eye with our team pottery kits. Each kit has been carefully designed to stimulate creative mindfulness from home. From unboxing to the conversation cards, your team members will enjoy an unforgettable bonding experience.

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Paint n' pot kits

Want to help your team members give their house plants a glow up? These guided Paint n' Pot kits come with step-by-step instructions, a complete acrylic paint set, and of course two ready-to-plant pots.

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Bundle both!

Both kits enable you to host at least 2 sessions each. Purchase both kits together for $100 and save yourself time, money and effort! Pro Tip the paint inside the Paint n' Pot kit has been designed to also be used to air dry and finalize your pottery.

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Why choose crockd?

  • Fast Turnarounds

    Last minute events are our bread and butter.

  • Low touch effort

    Pick your craft kit and set your date, the rest is up to us.

  • NPS Score of 9+

    We're the highest rated hands-on virtual experience out there.

Meet your event planner

Meet Mack! Your dedicated team event planner. Mack's full time gig is to ensure that your team has the most seamless experience from beginning to end.

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Meet your workshop host

Kahlia is the best of the best. She knows how to keep your session upbeat, on time and engaging. Don't believe us? Check out our reviews below.

Lifetime access

Your kits come with plenty of supplies! We'll provide your team with lifetime access to our weekly craft tutorials so they can continue to carve out mindful moments for themselves.