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Google 🚀

Google - Global Corporate Wellbeing

As one of the largest companies in the world, Google has some of the most diverse teams and communities we’ve seen. Google prioritizes corporate wellbeing amongst its global workforce despite the challenges. 

We started working with Google in our first year of business and have grown our partnership over the years.

As one of their top recommended event vendors, we work with teams ranging from 5-300 people. Team bonding activities and community events tend to be fan favorites but we also focus on leadership summits and themed workshops. 

Shopify 🛍

Crafting the Intern Culture 

In 2021, Shopify was voted one of the top 100 best internship programs in the U.S.

With new cohorts starting every couple of months, making everyone feel comfortable and connected with their team in such a short amount of time can be difficult. That’s where we come in...

We’ve teamed up with Shopify’s Intern Success Specialist to create immersive activities where interns can bond and get to know each other during those crucial first few weeks of the program. We’ve found that the best way to facilitate creativity and open conversations is through breakout rooms and our clay breaker questions. 

Ernst & Young 🤝

Ernst & Young | Offsite for 200+ 

Where do you start when planning an in-person offsite for over 220 people? Ernst & Young turned to local, reliable, and unique brands to build an epic lineup for three days of activities. 

They decided on a pottery workshop with us as the closing event to end on a high note. We provided two hosts to facilitate the class, one leading at the front of the room and the other walking around to provide hands-on support. 

The goal was to get the senior and junior Actuaries together to connect and meet new faces. We collaborated with EY on a specific set of questions to prompt groups to open up while busy with clay. It was the perfect way to integrate and solidify themes from earlier sessions.

Using a tailored workshop approach, keeping logistics simple, and including mess mats for easy clean-up were key contributors to the success of this event. Of course, the EY coordinators and our all-star hosts were the real MVPs. 

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