Pottery Kit
A Pottery Kit designed for beginners and clay lovers to enjoy the full pottery experience from home.
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craft the conversation
Our famous 'Clay Breakers' come with every kit. Get ready to go deep when gettin' dirty.
Our humble brag
Our humble brag
dirty hands, clear minds.

Kanye's still gunning for Presidency, the world's on lockdown and people are becoming millionaires off Tik Tok (wot!?).

We're watching the effects of global warming unfold before our eyes and we're seeing those 'least-likely' take their own lives.

We’re in this mess together, so we might as well make something from it.

Get dirty with us
it's not about art.
it's about getting arty.
Sure, you’ll get clay and all that muddy good stuff, but the real juice is in our Clay Breakers.

Our cards facilitate conversations about sh*t that really matters, like mental health.
You’ll get a kit with errythang.
Our DIY Pottery kit comes with clay, step-by-step instructions, carving tools and Clay Breakers (our convo cards!)
get crockd
You’ll mold some weird shapes and vessels
We'll teach you the basics like how to hand build a mug and a vase, but the rest it up to you! Let your creative juices flowwww
make weird stuff
Shape n’ bake em' baby
The best fun is in the experience, but if you make something you #love you can get it fired to become a ceramic masterpiece. Or you can make non-functional pieces to air dry.
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Get glazed n' blazed
If you want to go all the way with your pottery experience get your pieces fired at one of our local kilns. They'll help you fire & glaze your work.
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who are the crockers?

Crockd has been made with love from a bunch of naive millennials.

We started out just as a couple who felt burnt out - looking for ways to get out of our heads and into out hands.

We quickly grew into a community of like-minded people who wanted to help our peers express themselves and connect other on a deeper level.

And thus, Crockd was born.

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