craft kits for you, or your team

Crockd kits are designed to get you out of your head and into your hands. Experience art therapy for yourself, or with a team.

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Designed to make you happier

When your hands are physically immersed in something, your mind naturally enters a more reflective state. Experience the benefits of creative mindfulness solo, with friends, or with your work buddies.

A new type of meditation

Because creativity should be seen as a legitimate, practical tool to improve mental health & build stronger connections.

We care because we've been there

Crockd is a creative mindfulness brand. We're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands. We design the cooooolest craft kits, so you can learn to lean into your crafty side.

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It's not about the art, it's about getting arty

You'll get a kit with errythang

Our pottery kits come with loads of clay, carving tools, step-by-step instructions, and our Clay Breakers (our famous conversation cards!)

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