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  • Pottery Kits

    RRP: $64

  • Paint n' Pot Kits

    RRP: $64

  • Paint by Numbers

    RRP: $64

  • Paint Pens

    RRP: $20

  • Acrylic Paint, Sealant & Brush Set

    RRP: $30

  • Pastel Paint, Sealant & Brush Set

    RRP: $30

  • Mindfulness Cards

    RRP: $20

  • Mess Mat

    RRP: $25

  • Spicy Convo Cards (Mama Edition)

    RRP: $30

Retail Agreement

We keep our terms super simple. Generally, they are:

👉 Wholesale discount

👉 Min. order of 24 units

👉 Free Shipping

👉 Never sell below our RRP

To help keep products flying off the shelves, we provide you with a retail strategy guide and social content.

We also give you the flexibility to reorder on your own time with the minimum order quantity dropping down to 12.