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Paint n' Pot Kit: Paint A Planter

Paint n' Pot Kit: Paint A Planter

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♻️ 100% eco-friendly recycled pots

Our Paint n’ Pot kit is designed to help you paint something you’ll be proud of, even if you’re a total newbie! With 2 eco-friendly recycled plastic planter pots, the best set of acrylic paints, brushes and sealants, plus our easy & funky design guides you and your plants will be absolutely thrivin' instead of surviving. 

See What's Included

✔ 10x Acrylic Paints & Sealant Tube
High quality and extra thick, specifically designed for Crockd products

3x Premium Nylon Paint Brushes
Because it makes the whole experience that much nicer

2x 100% Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Planter Pots
Made from 8 recycled bottles and ready to house any indoor plants.

1x Easy & Funky Design Guide
Multiple easy step-by-set designs to choose from or get inspired by our tutorials

And it all comes packaged up in a gorgeous Crockd Box — which is eco-friendly, functional and perfect for gifting to yourself or others (hint hint!)

Paint a Planter Kit for 1-2 People

"I love that my Paint n' Pot crafternoon has given a little more life to my plants and my home 🥲"

Your Paint n' Pot kit includes two planters, a complete acrylic paint set, and a step-by-step design instruction booklet - literally everything you need to get started with DIY planter painting.

Loaded with easy-to-create tropical shapes and unique color mixes for vibrant ready-to-plant pots. 

So set a solo date or grab a buddy, cause' this weekend you're pimping your plant pals with this DIY painting kit. Who knows, it might even encourage them to grow (or at least not die 🥲)

Easy Step-by-Step Designs

👇 I'm no good at painting, is this for me?
This is made for you! We break down every single step to make sure everyone has the ability to hand paint pots and create something decent (yes, even you!)

👇 What are the dimensions of the pots?
We have you covered with 2 sizes that are perfect for anywhere in your home!
- Medium Diameter 15.5cm
- Large Diameter 18cm

👇 Will my partner / bestie / annoying sibling enjoy it?
Ahh yes. Half of Crockd is built by a partner who’d rather sit through a Bachie marathon than try their hand at artistic expression. So you can rest easy knowing Crockd is built from the ground up to suit everyone — from the blokiest tradie mate to a total Bridezilla.

👇 Could we do this as a team?
Everything we do at Crockd is built for teams, including the Paint n Pot kit. The design instructions will keep you on track to have a happier team in under 90 mins.

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Zero Single-Use Plastic

You've found one of our MOST green products. We're proud to let you know that this Crockd goodie has zero single use plastic in sight (which is harder than it sounds!). Enjoy getting messy and mindful!
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Pimp Your Plants with DIY Planter Painting

Break up the plethora of plain planter pots and give your plants something special to sit in. 

Every kit comes with two of our 100% eco-friendly recycled plastic planter pots, so you can have a crock at both designs.

Simply grab the paints and brushes, peruse the tips and tricks and get painting!

Easy & funky design guides

Everything in the Paint n’ Pot kit is designed to help you paint something you’ll be proud of, even if you’re a total newbie.

From the tools and materials to the easy to follow instructions — you’ll learn how to mix colours, paint shapes and layer designs like a pro.

You can follow the step-by-step guide for 2 different designs (psst… we change these up every now and then) or get inspired from our Youtube tutorials and go rogue.

Designed to be shared

People who paint together… both end up with painted pots, and have a ton of fun while they’re at it.

All our kits are designed to be shared, including this one. That's why you get 2 pots, 3 brushes, 10 paints and 2 designs. 

Getting creative is more fun when done with a mate! So grab a kit, grab a friend and give it a go together.

we're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands

We believe that creativity is an underrated mindfulness practice, not an innate quality or an end result — which is why our craft kits are designed to help you disconnect, reconnect and get dirty.

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Unbox your paint n' pot kit

See what’s inside the Paint n' Pot kit and how the (beginner friendly!) painting process works:

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