Getting Crockd up is easy az we promise!

But if you're a clay virgin then
you're gonna have some questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Got Questions About Our Clay?

    Shelf Life, Air Drying, Kilns, Clay Type, Coloring

  • Shipping

    Shipping Times & Locations

    • Where do you ship?

      Anything and anywhere is possible - so if you're keen as mustard to get your kit somewhere outside of USA, AUS & NZ get in touch and we'll make it happen.

    • How long does it take?

      We'll always ship your kit within 12 hours of receiving your order. It usually takes between 2-7 days to arrive.

  • Safety

    Safety Instructions, Disposal

    • Can I eat the clay?

      Please baby Jesus, no. You definitely can not eat the clay in it's raw form.

    • Is it food safe once fired?

      If you get it fired & glazed at your local kiln then yes. If you let it air dry then no :(

    • How do I throw it out?

      Honestly, it seems blasphemous to dispose of perfectly moist clay. If you do 'chuck it' then make sure it goes into regular waste disposal and not down your sink. K!?

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