🎉 Faqs, #facts and f-ups - answered here!

General Questions

Shipping & Returns

When will my kit arrive?

AUS + International:

  • Shipped same day up to 3pm AEST (Mon-Fri) 
  • Express (2-5 business days)
  • Duties & Taxes Paid by Crockd
  • Some orders may require extra time to pass customs clearance


  • Shipped same day up to 12pm (Mon-Fri) from CA
  • Standard (3-7 business days)
  • Express (2 business days)

Can I return my kit?

So you have 6,000 thoughts per day on average and we were lucky to be one of them!

Seriously though, we get it, things happen and you just want some confidence in a simple solution to return your Crockd products for an exchange or refund - we've got you. 

We're happy to facilitate a return and exchange or refund for new, unused Crockd products sent back in original packaging within 30 days of receiving your original order.

What's The Process?

  1. You fill out the request form
  2. Crockd reviews, approves, sends a shipping label
  3. You post it, we ship a new order or refund

Please note, any shipping fees paid with your order will not be refunded or used as value for exchange. You may be asked by our team to provide personal details for returns or exchanges and if the criteria listed above is not me we reserve the right to refuse your request. 


What happens if there's an issue with my package when received?
We do guarantee our products come to you in the best condition so if something’s not right email us within 7 days at hi@crockd.com, with photos of the item(s) and packaging /proof of purchase - our care team will sort you out!


But, what if I suck?

You probably will... but we sucked at first too. Consider Crockd as 'craft kits for dummies'. We make the process of creating so bloody easy, you'll feel like a genius by the end of your crafternoon.

Crockd Pottery Kit Clay

Clay Kit faqs

What type of clay is it?

We're super proud of our Crockd clay. It's taken us a couple of years to develop a hybrid hand-building clay that can be air dried, or fired at cone 6 temps at a kiln. Drying and firing instructions are included inside your kit.

How much clay is included?

All Crockd kits are designed to be shared. That’s why one kit includes enough clay to make over 4 things (close to 2kg). You'll also get an instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions for over 10 pieces.

How do I make it waterproof?

If you want to pour liquids (drinks, water for flowers etc) into your creations then you need to have them fired at your local kiln.

If you're happy for them to be 'water resistant' (not food safe) grab our paint kit, which comes with a sealant!

Can I air dry this clay?

Indeedily doodily you can! 

Simply leave your creation to air dry for 24 hours, then paint and seal it with our Acrylic paint set. If you're feeling super artsy, give the paint pens a go too!

Your instruction booklet includes a bunch of vessels perfect for air drying.

How long will the clay last?

We pack our clay in biodegradable plastic (yay!), so its lifespan is just over 4 months once it reaches your hot little hands. 

If you want to preserve your moist bags of crock, we recommend taking the clay blocks out, wrapping them in cling wrap, then popping them back inside their bags.

How do I get the speckled look?

Our clay has a natural iron fleck! *ooooh so pretty!* 

This means, once fired in a kiln, the speckles naturally come through. The hotter the kiln the more prominent the speckles. 

Keen to get the look without a kiln? Here’s a handy tutorial on how to speckle air dry clay.

Is this air dry or ceramic clay?

It's both! Ahhhmazing right?

Our specifically engineered hybrid formula means that Crockd Clay can be left to air dry or taken to your local kiln to become ceramic. So fancy! So fuss-free!

👇 How do I air dry then?
Grab one of our Crockd - Paint Sets. They include everything you need to paint and make your clay creations water-resistant.

👇 How do I make my piece waterproof?
You've got to find your local kiln and ask them to look after you. This will make it waterproof and food safe. Don't worry - we include all the detailed instructions inside your kit (it’s super easy).

Is is safe to work with clay?

Clay dust is harmful - and that's no joke.

Keep your clay (and your station moist). When your clay starts to dry safety precautions need to be taken.

Always thoroughly keep your station clean. Never eat with your hands while working with clay.


paint kit faqs

How fast does the paint dry?

The key is multiple thin layers! Our paint is super-fast drying, it'll dry almost instantly if it's thin. If you whack loads of paint on your brush and apply the paint very thick, it may take a little longer to dry.

If the urge to go thick was too strong, don't worry. You can grab a hair dryer and dry it off quicker.

Paint n' Pot: What is the difference between the two editions?

Two different design instructions really, but don't stress if you're not sure which one to get - the pot is a blank slate so you can do literally any design you please!

We've got a ton of other inspo on youtube too 👉 check it out Painting Tutorials - On Planters

Paint n' Pot: wondering the dimensions of the pots?

We have you covered with 2 sizes that are perfect for anywhere in your home!

👉Medium Pot Diameter: 15.5cm
👉Large Pot Diameter: 18cm

Pottery & Painting & Extras

General extras faq

Can I put acrylic paint in a kiln?


If you're planning on getting your pieces fired and glazed at a kiln they need to be BUTT NAKED before they get there.

How do I re-soften my paint pens?

Your paint pens are just like brushes. Leftover paint can make them go hard. 

Simply dip them in some water, and squiggle away! You can also try nail polish remover on the tips, works like a charm!

We've also included two-spare nibs in your pack so you can change them once they've reached the end of their tether!

Are they waterproof?

Acrylic paints are water resistant, not waterproof — kinda like your smartphone. 

If you immerse them in water for too long, they will return to their earthly state.

How fast does the paint dry?

The key is multiple thin layers! Our paint is super-fast drying, it'll dry almost instantly if it's thin. If you whack loads of paint on your brush and apply the paint very thick, it may take a little longer to dry.

If the urge to go thick was too strong, don't worry. You can grab a hair dryer and dry it off quicker.

What can I use the paint pens on?

Almost anything! Except maybe the dog. But finished ceramics, paper, fabric, furniture, and your latest air-dried clay creation all make fantastic canvases. 

Paint pens are perfect for everyday doodlers, avid journal folk, and wannabe illustrators alike. If you’ve got something to draw on, these are for you.

Team Events & Workshops

Group Orders Faqs

Where do I input multi addresses?

Make sure you have selected 'multi addresses' for your group order. 

You’ll then be emailed an address template immediately after purchasing. Easy peasy!

Do I need a virtual host?

Our kits have been designed to be self paced for small and big groups. 

If you're hosting an event for 10 people or less you can totally do it without us.

Is this family friendly?

Crockd kits are the most inclusive hands-on experiences. 

They're not bound to any genders, they don't play into any weird stereotypes, and they're kid friendly too!

Didn’t find the answer to your questions above?

Reach out to us at hi@crockd.com and we’ll do our very best to answer it.