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Acrylic Paint Pens (10 Pack)

Acrylic Paint Pens (10 Pack)

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Our acrylic paint pens are perfect art supplies for everyday doodlers, avid journal folk, and wannabe illustrators alike. If you’ve got something to draw on, these are for you. This 10 pack of acrylic paint pens includes:

✔ 8 Vibrant Coloured Markers
✔ 1 White Marker
✔ 1 Black Marker

We’ve curated timeless, complementary colours for brilliant palettes and easy-to-add finishes to your Paint n Pot and Pottery Kits.

Acrylic Paint Pens For Pottery, Mirrors & More

Paint brushes are great and all, but sometimes you just want the precision of a pen.

Pimp out almost anything with these nifty painting pens. From finished ceramics to paper, fabrics, furniture and whatever else you wanna doodle on, our premium paint pens will have you wondering if you missed your calling as a professional illustrator.

With 10 complementary shades to choose from, whatever you design is sure to look fine as crock.

Eco-Friendly & Toxic-Free Paint Markers

Yep you read that right, these sweet lil ol’ pack of painting markers is eco-friendly and toxic-free. Why? Because single-use plastic is ew and safe is sexy!

Crockd Paint Pens are good for the globe. Our paint pens are filled with non-toxic paint, because nobody needs that negativity in their life. And you’ll be hard pressed to find any single-use plastic here - from the packaging they come in, to the pens themselves, everything is recycled/recyclable, so you can create with a clean conscience. That’s some serious fuss-free doodling!

Drawing & Painting FAQs

👇 Who are these for?
Our acrylic paint pens are the best you’ll find in Australia - period. They’re perfect for everyday doodlers, avid journal folk, and wannabe illustrators alike. If you’ve got something to draw on, these are for you.

👇 What can I use the paint pens to draw on?
Almost anything! Except maybe the dog. But finished ceramics, paper, fabric, furniture, and your latest air-dried clay creation all make fantastic canvases.

👇 Will my designs last or will they wear off over time?
These paint pens have the staying power of acrylic paint, which is nothing to sniff at. That said, how long they last will depend on the material they’re used on and where they’re kept. Acrylic paint is weather-resistant, but if you’re planning on keeping it out in the elements, it will need sealing.

👇 Are they really good for the environment?
Yep! We’re eco-friendly and toxic-free so you can be stress free when it comes to doodling with your new favourite craft supply. 

👇 Do they replace paint kits?
The short answer is - no. If you want to add a little touch of design or a speckled look to your air-dry ceramic pieces then this pack will do great by itself due to the 3mm tip. However, if you’re looking to paint something and explore your creativity, then use these markers with our acrylic paint set and pastel paint kit - you’ll see why when scrolling through all our designs. 

👇 Can I use them before firing my clay?
Nope - make sure any creations that you want fired in a kiln are paint free, however, once you’ve finished firing them you can add all the details you like. We prefer to air-dry and decorate our pieces straight away.

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Zero Single-Use Plastic

Crockd’s mission is simple - to get the world out of its heads and into its hands. In saying that we’re aware of the effects on the environment and commit to having sustainably sourced product and zero single-use plastic in our kit creations. Go on - get messy, get mindful!
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doodle wherever you want

Paper, fabric, mirrors, planter pots, furniture and of course, finished clay creations are perfect surfaces for our acrylic paint pens.

They’re super easy to use too - simply push & pump to start, then off you go doodling to your heart's content.

colours that just go together

We’ve carefully curated 10 colours that you can mix and match, without fear of clashing. 

Each of the timeless, vibrant tones was picked because it goes well with the rest — making you look like a colour matching genius.

Create that speckled effect

Our acrylic paint pens are the bomb when it comes to air dried Crockd clay creations.

Use them to create the 'kiln fired' speckled effect on your finished creations. Lightly pump and place your pens on your pottery (now say that 10 times, it's hard).

we're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands

We believe that creativity is an underrated mindfulness practice, not an innate quality or an end result — which is why our craft kits are designed to help you disconnect, reconnect and get dirty.

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