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Pottery Kits - Group Order [Single Address]

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Pottery kits for virtual team events and other group gatherings.

What is it?

Crockd creates DIY pottery kits that simulate the effects of art therapy in a team setting. Everything from the unboxing design, to the materials included and the facilitation of your event, will take your team on a sensory journey. Leaving them feeling relaxed and better connected to themselves and each other.

  • 1-2ย Person Pottery Kit
  • 60-90 minuteย Pottery Experience (all materials included)
  • 10 carefully curated Clay Breakers (conversation cards)


    What's included?

    โœ” 2 x Big full bags of our specifically formulated, hybrid 'Air Dry' and Ceramic Clay. Moist, eco-friendly and enough for 2 people to make 2-4 pieces each

    โœ” 5 x Specifically designed, custom branded handmade wooden Crockd Pottery Tools

    โœ” 10 x Carefully curated conversation starter cards

    โœ” 10 x step by step designs included with your instruction booklet

    โœ” 1 x reusable cotton drawstring bag - perfect to store your leftover clay bags and tools

    โœ” All the information you need on the next steps to fire, glaze or paint your creation

    โœ” Beautifully designed, eco-friendly Crockd Gift Box


    ๐Ÿ‘‡ Is this air dry or ceramic clay?

    It's both! Crazy right? Our specifically engineered hybrid formula means that Crockd Clay can be left to Air Dry or taken to your local kiln to become ceramic.

    ๐Ÿ‘‡ How do I make this waterproof?

    Air Dry - make sure you grab one of our Crockd - Paint Sets. They include everything you need to waterproof and paint your clay creations.

    Ceramic - you've got to find your local kiln and ask them to look after you. Don't worry - we include all the detailed instructions inside your kit.

    • Eco Friendly

    • American Made

    • Fast Shipping

    • Re-Usable Packaging

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    Crockd's Mission

    We're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands.

    Why? Because our generation is living through an age of mental illness. In fact, 1 in 5 of us are struggling, and the constant reliance on tech isn't helping. We believe that creative mindfulness is a new kind of meditation.

    built for beginners

    Our Crockd Pottery Kit is the only kit that teaches you how to make an array of things. Every kit comes with our Crockbook. A 10 page step-by-step pottery guide that teaches you everything from mugs, to vases and everything in between.

    No kiln required

    We've 'crockd the code' on clay. Our Pottery Kits comes with clay that can either be fired in your local kiln, or air dried from home. We include a guide inside your kits that show you the exact steps to take to make an air dry piece water resistant!

    Experience Deep conversations

    Crockd Pottery Kits have been designed as the perfect activity to get you deep and dirty. With busy hands and a reflective state of mind it's easier to talk about stuff that really matters. The perfect set of cards for date nights and crafternoons.

    Access weekly tutorials

    Every week we release detailed 5 minute videos so that you can learn how to make cool sh** you'll actually want to use. Watch the video below for a bit of inspo!