Black Friday Offer - Extra Clay Packet With Every Xmas Kit (Limited stock!)

Need Some Inspo?

Start channelling your inner Picasso or lets face it... Your 5 year old self. Scroll down to check out fellow Crockers beauties, cause we're dam proud & you should be too. And remember It's not about the art, it's about getting arty.... We're all working towards a world of limitless potential through fearless creativity. 

No Kiln Required - Air Dry Clay

Our No Kiln Required - Air Dry Clay, is a boss for all our crafty Crockers. You can make all things decorative including; candle holders, fruit bowls, jewellery dishes, planters, festive sculptures or even wall hangings. After drying out for a few days, your babies will be ready to be painted with your fav acrylic. For even more visual inspo check out our Pinterest below.

O.G Kiln Clay

Crockd Pinterest